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Armenia, like other countries of the world, affected by the growing numbers of cancers. According to international statistics, there are more than 6,000 new cases of cancer every year in the country.

For effective treatment of cancer, teamwork including early diagnosis, effective surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy is required. The world health organization allows 80 percent of oncology patients to be offered radiation therapy. It means that without proper radiotherapy, cancer treatment will not really be meaningful.

Effective radiotherapy requires updated accelerators, experienced radiotherapists, physicists and technologists. For this purpose, IRA radiotherapy center has started its work by installing an American accelerator manufactured by Varian Company in October 2018. And it is decided to provide the best radiotherapy services to the Armenian patients by increasing the number of radiotherapy devices and improving the level of training of specialist personnel in the center with the lowest cost of treatment, So that there is no need to send patients abroad

In this center, respect for patients, treatment with the lowest cost and highest comfort of our clients will be our top priority.

Recently with Ira Medcal’s efforts, world’s latest sonographic densitometry, Ecolight machine ,has launched in Armenia .

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