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Radiation therapy is one of the most up-to-date methods of cancer treatment that the World Health Organization recommends for the treatment of about 80% of cancer patients.At our center, we are currently implementing long-distance radiation therapy. We carry out the treatment with Varian Companies device, which is called a linear accelerator. The accelerator targets the radiation beam remotely, without any physical contact with the tumor. There are two types of radiation therapy at Ira Medical Center: 3D conformal and IMRT.Referring to Intensive Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) it is the only one in Armenia and is the newest method in the world.The main advantage of the latter is that the radiation beam affects a specific tumor, saving the surrounding tissues and organs.Treatments are very individual, which will be planned and implemented by the radiotherapist, medical physicists, technicians, and nurses. The RT is performed in the appropriate room, and you will only be required to accept the pre-planned position with the help of technicians and nurses.On the first day of treatment, a CT simulation will be performed, the details of the treatment will be planned, the position of your body will be determined to carry out the therapy, etc. If the diagnosis is in the head and neck, you will also be informed about immobilization masks, which are made individually for each patient.RT requires prior preparation, which will be guided by your doctor. RT can be prescribed both in combination therapy and individually. The patient does not feel pain or discomfort, the side effects might be local only.

You do not become radioactive after RT and you are not restricted in your communication and activities anywhere.